Get Rid of The Stale& Take in The Fresh

To avoid the chemical reaction between 2 kinds of different inks, the ink
which remained inside the cartridge should be spin-dried before refilling it

1′Empty Cartridge

A strong centrifugal force could empty a cartridge within 30″to 1′
if there is any clog on the surface of nozzle, please clean it first,
or the good result cannot be achieved

High Compatible

The universal cartridge tray is suitable for all kinds of one-piece cartridge
include HP, Canon, Lexmark, Dell, Samsung etc.

Stepless Speed Changing

Regulate rotate speed from 60-1600 R/m freely,
the increasing or reducing speed is very smoothly
due to its feature of stepless speed changing.

Safety Design

To make the Spin-dryer more safety, there are 3 changes on Cyclone4
a. Double top cover, double protection
b. Double air spring, prevent from hurting hands by falling cover
c. Indicator light for opening cover