Start Refilling Business

For those friends who want to operate their own inkjet cartridge refilling business, there are 2 things have to prepared

A. Whole set of ink cartridge refilling equipment
Cleaning Equipment
Cyclone 4 (ink cartridge spin-drier)
Ultrasonic Cleaner (deep cleaning for print head of ink cartridge)
Steam Cleaner (clean the dirty ink and all the refilling equipment)
Permanent Chip
Permanent Chip without resetting (shows the current ink volume)
Ink Cartridge Chip Resetter
Ink Pigment ink & dye ink
Inkjet Cartridge Refilling Machine
Mini 4 (ink refilling machine)
Packing Material
Print-head Sealing Ribbon
Ink Cartridge Protector
Antistatic Bag

B. A basic practice of refilling ink cartridge
To ensure the excellent quality, we suggest follow steps for ink cartridge refilling