I-FILLING ink is suitable for I-FILLING’s
ink refilling equipment and it compatible with
original cartridge HP Canon Epson Dell Lexmark Brother Xerox etc.


Remanufactured Ink Cartridge

I-FILLING remanufactured ink cartridge has original quality
& shows the actual ink level
no more blinking of cartridge indicator lights

For a general remanufactured cartridge
the actual ink level cannot be showed and
the indicator light will keep blinking

I-FILLING remanufactured ink cartridge will show the
actual link level and no more blinking when printing.


Permanent Chips

I-FILLING provides chips of HP Canon Epson Brother tank cartridge
those unpopular models can be found here


Chip Resetter

I-FILLING chip resetter for
HP Canon Epson Brother Roland Ricoh etc.
the unpopular models can be found here


Cartridge Cap

I-FILLING provides cartridge cap for remanufactured HP Canon Lexmark Dell ……
Every popular model can be found here


Cartridge Transport Clips

To prevent leaking ink & protect print head, I-FILLING’s
Cartridge transport clips provide better protection for
refilled ink cartridge during transporting it


Print-head Sealing Ribbon

To prevent leaking ink & scratch on print head
I-FILLING Sealing Ribbon provides the cartridge better protection